Why did grover eat enchiladas if he was a vegetarian?

Savanna Brakus asked a question: Why did grover eat enchiladas if he was a vegetarian?
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❓ Are enchiladas vegan?

Can I use flour tortillas for vegan enchiladas? Yes, you can, though traditional enchiladas are made with corn tortillas. Sometimes I like to switch things up and use flour though. You will probably need 6-8 large flour tortillas if you want to try this.

❓ Are dogs vegetarian or non vegetarian?

Dogs are omnivores, so they can eat meat and vegetables.

❓ Is egg vegetarian or non vegetarian?

It really does depend on what type of vegetarian you are. Lacto-ovo vegetarians (the most common type of vegetarian diet) can eat egg. However many will chose to only eat free rage eggs.However lacto-vegetarians and vegans will not eat eggs.

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Grover ate enchiladas because they could be vegetarian food.

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Is cheese a vegetarian or non vegetarian food?

If you are vegetarian, you can eat cheese. But if you're vegan, you cannot- it contains product of an animal, which vegans do not eat.

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Is mushroom a vegetarian or non vegetarian food?

It doesnt come from an animal. Its vegetarian.

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Is virat kohli a vegetarian or non vegetarian?

virat kolhi is a vegratrain

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Are agarwals vegetarian?

vegetarian recipes indian vegetarian

The Agarwals, who are proudly lacto-vegetarian, hail from the kingdom of Agroha (Haryana today) established in 3200 BC by their King Agrasen who gave up the Kshatriya/warrior tradition and took to trading… Therefore, most followers prefer to be vegetarian.

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Are almonds vegetarian?

  • Are Almonds Vegan? Almonds and almond-related products, such as almond milk and almond butter , are often considered to be vegan staples. As such, it may seem strange that many people question whether almonds (and therefore anything made from or with them) are actually vegan at all. So, let’s answer the question: are almonds vegan?

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Are altoids vegetarian?

No, Altoids contain gelatin.

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Are bananas vegetarian?

Besides being a staple postrace food, Bananas are a vegan dream—they can be blended into ice cream and baked into muffins—there's only one problem: Your banana may not be vegan anymore.

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Are bears vegetarian?

no they eat fish....

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Are biscuits vegetarian?

  • No , biscuits (both the breakfast product and cookie) are generally not considered vegan. While they often don't contain egg (especially the breakfast biscuit), most contain milk in one form or another.2

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Are bonbons vegetarian?

bon bons are ovo-lacto-vegetarian friendly (for vegetarians who eat dairy products and eggs)

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Are brownies vegetarian?

  • Vegan brownies are brownies made with no animal by-products. A recipe for a true vegan brownie will not call for milk, eggs, or honey. Even the chocolate that is used in the recipe, which traditionally would contain milk, cannot have this animal by-product included in its list of ingredients.

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Are buddists vegetarian?

  1. it's "BUDDHIST" not "BUDDIST"
  2. not all Buddhists are VEGETARIANS.. it's just up to them, they can be vegetarians if they want to.

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Are cakes vegetarian?

Most cakes are vegetarian, however, I have seen cake batters which contain beef fat, so check the ingredients!! Some vegetarians do not eat eggs or dairy products, which many cakes have. There are also concerns about white sugar, which is processed with charred animal bones, so it may not be vegetarian.

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Are capsules vegetarian?

Are capsules vegetarian?

  • Vegetarian Capsules. In addition to being the obvious choice for vegetarian and vegan consumers, vegetarian capsules are acceptable for religious reasons, as well. In actual fact, they are commonly classified as Kosher and Halal products. Based on all this, they are suitable for a considerably larger customer base.

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Are chameleons vegetarian?

No. Chameleons eat bugs which are not vegetarian.

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Are chips vegetarian?

Chips are made from potatoes as such generally are vegetarian. simply put the potato, a tuber, is a vegetable. The current manufacturing of the potato chip falls into two general categories, frying or baking. the frying is usually done in vegetable oil, peanut etc. Please note that some have Meat flavoring. This does not mean they contain meat at all. You would have to read the ingredients to be sure. Additionally, chips, the English version, are vegetarian, as they are nothing more than what Americans call french fries.

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Are cupcakes vegetarian?

They can be...but be careful of sugar, which may be processed using charred animal bones. If you are a vegan, be careful to check if the cupcakes have dairy products, honey or eggs.

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Are deers vegetarian?

White-tailed deer are considered herbivores and subsist on a diet of readily available plants, including twigs, fruits, nuts, alfalfa, and the occasional fungi.

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Are dogs vegetarian?

Dogs prefer meat however they will eat most things if they have too. Dogs can live on a vegetarian diet.

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Are ducks vegetarian?

Not completely as they also eat snails, slugs, earth/meal and blood worms.

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Are eggs vegetarian?

Eggs are not part of all vegetarian diets, but only of ovo-vegetarian or ovo-lacto vegetarian diets. It is considered that a non-fertilized egg has no life in it.Some religious vegetarians, such as the Buddhists, Jains, Hindus and Sikhs, do not consider eggs vegetarian.In conventional egg production--Just hatched male chicks are killed, either by being gassed or being thrown into a mincer.'Spent' hens are sent to slaughter. So killing is involved in commercial mass egg production.(Comment--my daughter's teacher gives non fertile eggs to her students from her pet chickens. I felt okay about accepting those.....)If the objection is to the exploitation of animals, then eggs and dairy are generally excluded. This is the vegan philosophy.Only if you are a lacto-ovo or an ovo vegetarianIn simpler terms, vegetarians can eat eggs, vegans do not.

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